Aweditorium: The Music Discovery App

About Aweditorium

You are probably thinking, "why did someone make a website about a music app that no longer exists?" Allow us to explain. We are massive music enthusiasts, and appreciate any app that can help people discover more of it. Naturally, this makes Aweditorium one of our favorite apps of all-time, hence this website to pay tribute to it, although this is not the Aweditorium official website.

Music discovery can be a beautiful thing. You often remember where you were when you first heard a song that went on to become one of your favorites. Aweditorium delivered that transformative experience regularly, giving people the chance to hear music that they'd likely never heard before from a huge artist catalog. It was like a sampling plate or a beer flight for your ears, just a constant flow of fresh and new things to enjoy.

Since Aweditorium left us, there has been a void, as no other music streaming app has come close to recreating the music discovery experience that Aweditorium did. That is why we are here, as fans of an experience that no longer exists to many, as fans of bringing the memory of that experience to as many people as possible, and as fans of Aweditorium.