Aweditorium: The Music Discovery App


During its brief history, Aweditorium racked up an impressive array of award nominations, as music enthusiasts showed the app plenty of love despite its relatively short lifespan. As music enthusiasts, we would be remiss not to share with you some of the awards that Aweditorium was nominated for during its time at the top of the music discovery and, in many ways, music app genre as a whole.

Aweditorium received a nomination for the Best Music App award during the MTV O Music Awards in 2011, where they were nominated alongside The Mall, exfm, Soundcloud, and Songkick. Soundcloud ended up winning the award, as that app has grown to be one of the most popular music sharing apps to this day.

The app also received a nomination from the MusicWeek awards, where it was nominated as the music mobile app of the year, along with apps including iTunes Live, which came from Apple itself. IPad Insight named Aweditorium its app of the year in 2010 as well. Given how short a period of time Aweditorium was around for its listeners, there is no doubt that it is impressive that Aweditorium managed to rack up so many accolades from the music and technology communities.