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What’s Handicap Soccer Betting

In this detailed write-up, we’ll go over the actual meaning of soccer handicap betting, the workings behind it and the various soccer handicap markets you’re likely to find at different bookmakers. Please also keep in mind that handicap betting is actually a speciality of popular bookmakers like Bet365, Pinnacle etc.
When we talk about the game of soccer, which is a highly competitive sport, there are tremendous differences in the perceived quality of opponent teams. The extent of these differences may vary depending greatly on a complex range of influencing factors, which could be anything like financial backing, historical dominance, situational factors like home advantage, player availabilities, injuries etc.
All these factors are appropriately interpreted in soccer betting and are represented as success chances for every side, in the form of the odds applicable to them.

Understanding handicap betting
As mentioned above, the perceived quality of opponent teams and their abilities has a significant impact on the betting odds set for them. So, the betting odds applicable to a favourite are normally so small that the minimal returns in its case offers very little incentive to the sports bettors.
This perceived bias in the quality and abilities of different teams is countered by provision of appealing odds or more balanced odds by the bookmakers, the practice of which is also commonly referred to as handicap betting.
When talking specifically about the soccer games, such handicap odds work as the levellers of the playing field as they take into account the differences in the perceived strengths of the teams by application of a negative or a positive goal handicap, to each side. The addition of this handicap provides sports bettors just the right opportunity they were looking for, allowing them to find more value in those bets, rather than simply backing the heavy favourite in a conventional 1x2 bet (which is the most commonly used betting method in soccer).

The application of handicap to actual game outcomes is done in order to result or grade the wager. Anyone interested in handicap betting should be well aware of the following three types of handicap bets:

Level handicap
This type of handicap exists where there is no perceived difference in the abilities of Team A and Team B. As a result, there is no assignment of the handicap bias and both the teams start the game with 0 goals each.
In order to win such a bet, it’s important for the sports bettor to correctly identify the team which he thinks will score more number of goals than its opponent. Please keep in mind that this kind of handicap doesn’t hold much relevance in one-sided encounters, however, is extremely useful in the way that it eliminates the possibility of a draw. In the event that the game indeed ends up in a draw, all the bets get refunded, owing to the 0 handicap and that neither team had any sort of advantage.

Single handicap
This type of handicap is set to occur when there are certain perceived differences in the abilities of Team A and Team B.
The team believed to be superior in nature is handed an appropriate goal handicap, in order to level up the playing field for the sports bettors, for instance -1.5 goals, -1 goal, -0.5 goal and so on.
For instance, if you bet on the possibility of a Team A win with a -1 goal handicap, it’s important that Team A wins by a margin of more than one goal in order to cover that handicap, and ensure a bet win for you.
In case Team A wins only by one goal, the application of -1 goal handicap will result in a draw for the betting purposes, and hence, your bet will be refunded. In the event that Team B scores a win or draws the match, you’ll lose your bet on Team A.

Split handicap
This type of handicap is said to occur when the perceived differences in the abilities of the two teams are so small, that you’re allowed to appropriately split your bet amount over two handicaps.
To give you an example, Team A odds may be offered with handicaps of -0.5 and 0. Now, if you place a bet on Team A, and it ends up losing the game, you lose both bets, as it won’t cover either of the handicaps.
On the other hand, if that match ends up in a draw, you will be refunded half of your bet amount (owing to the 0 handicap), while you’ll lose the remaining half of your bet amount (owing to the - 0.5 handicap). But, if Team A ends up scoring a win, both the handicaps will get covered and you will win both your bets.
If you’re a sports bettor who is stuck in his past and is slavishly following the three-way fixed odds betting format, it’s highly likely that you’re not scoring the kind of decent returns that you can expect on your betting investments. Your betting endeavours can significantly benefit from a fresh perspective brought about by something like soccer handicap betting.

Now that you’re aware of soccer handicap betting, and have been informed how you can use it to increase your betting profits, it’s time to go ahead and put this strategy into practice at a bookmaker of your choice!