Aweditorium: The Music Discovery App

About thesixtyone

Looking back at the history of Aweditorium, the artists and creators of the app take a back seat to the overall presentation of the app, just like most indie artists and collectives don't get recognized as often as they should for the things they create. This is no different for thesixtyone, the group responsible for Aweditorium, as their history as a group that spotlights indie talent was a memorable one that ended too soon.

Starting as its own streaming site for indie artists who submitted their work in 2008, thesixtyone got involved with the creation of Aweditorium, to move what was once a web-based streaming platform into the more modern world of apps. Choosing to move their spotlight to the iPad, Aweditorium had plenty of success continuing to give a voice to artists that could have been voiceless otherwise, in a time where sites like Soundcloud had not yet grown to become the independent music showcase that it is now.

Unfortunately, things did not last for thesixtyone. Aweditorium ceased to exist not long after it began, and a controversial redesign of their original website drove many users away, to the point that they shut down operations as a whole in 2017.